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Ariel Parties Terms and Conditions


1. Confirmation of booking


Your party date, time and entertainer(s) will be secured once you have completed and returned your booking form, paid your deposit and received confirmation from us


2. Our Cancellation Policy


You can cancel your booking up to 14 days before your party, however your deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel your booking within 14 days of your party, then you are still required to pay the outstanding balance, unless we can find someone to replace your booking slot. You can reschedule your booking up to 14 days before your party. However, you cannot reschedule your party if there are 14 days or less until your booking, unless we can find someone to replace your slot.


3. Number of children attending parties


We highly recommend having no more than 25 children to 1 entertainer as this means our entertainers can host your parties with exceptional quality. If you have too many children, it can be hard for our entertainers to take full control of the party, and very hard for them to be heard over everyone. We do understand that this is not always possible, therefore we can accommodate up to 30 children per entertainer. 


If a child is over 18 months and under 9 years old then they are included in the number of children attending a party.


4. Joint Parties


We often have people asking whether they can book a joint party, and the answer is absolutely! There is an additional £5 charge per birthday child.


5. Outstanding Balances


Your outstanding balance will be due the week before your party. You will receive a polite reminder via email from us.


6. Parking


You will need to cover any parking costs for your entertainer/s. Please book a venue which has parking close by, as your entertainer will have a LOT of equipment to set up your party. You will need to pay your entertainer for the parking costs upon their arrival to your party.

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